A long term study into the experience and meaning regarding color and thought. Questioning observations, experience and thought are the central aim of my work and study. The intimacy of our own body and spirit. The intimate experience of our own subjective expression of the experience of thought, and the meaning given to it. 

No immense movements or extraverted expression of emotion, merely a quiet awareness of becoming one with color, thought and feeling. The quiet whispering opposing the loud screaming.

The quest to meaning
To create art from the need to question and give meaning to thought. To feel the need to contribute to a meaningful experience of a thought and to discover it by questioning. To have the urge to tell a story, to study, to understand using the ability to question.

The works originate from questioning and studying. The questioning of different experiences of thought and the individual meaning given to it. All this collected into projects and themes in which the role of viewer is essential. The urgent matter of stillness, becoming aware, and not wander away in everyday life. To question without having a need to find answers. The works challenges the viewer to question without craving for answers, to see without judging.

Every individual viewer has his/her/them own interpretation of the essence of the works and the thoughts that are evoked by this. Being one with color can be seen as the starting point of this quest. A call to stand still, become quiet, and become aware of your own thoughts and the questioning of this thought. Becoming aware of a thought or feeling. To take time to reflect and put things into perspective. The works always originate from the study into the thought and feelings which can be evoked by the work itself, but specifically into why these thoughts and feelings were evoked. However, the meaning is always up to the individual viewer. 

There is no definite conclusion. No answer, merely new questions. 

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