Levitate - You never get it, until you finally do.

Are we, as human beings, free to direct our thoughts? Can we choose our considerations, moral limits, and (subconscious) motives - created by our own mind? Are those thoughts objective? Are they ever at all?

Is it not true that our origins, learned behavior, social context, and faith create our thoughts? And are we still in control of our own minds? And if this is not the case, what motivations precede our thoughts?   

I ask these difficult questions because my own mind has slowly become unbalanced in recent years. More and more so. I became more and more estranged from my own spirit. Until this disturbance triggered a turning point. A tilting moment in which I lost control of my thoughts. Simply. I could no longer trust my (subconscious) thoughts. The Levitate project originated from a struggle with my own mind. A very personal struggle. Disruption. Eventually, my disturbance was also diagnosed: depression. A disturbance or conflict of my interpersonal thoughts to be precise.    

Vol. 1 embodies my personal struggle. And the subsequent search for answers. I wanted to be able to give my struggle a place. They are all experiences, thoughts, or emotions translated into autonomous images. Images that were created by confronting my own mind. Levitate's objective is to translate a spiritual image into an autonomous image. Often in abstraction - like my own thoughts. That is why this project is so important to me.

The chaotic storm remains. For the time being. Maybe always. The battle against my inner demons too. And yet. During the creation process of Levitate, I was able to gather some answers, which might help me in the future to feel inner peace and contemplation.

Everyone is fighting against his or her inner demons. Sometimes this fight is hard and sometimes there is talk of a temporary truce. Regardless of whether you fight or not.   

Everyone chops his or her way and has to walk his or her own path.

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