Creation emerging from the need to question and give meaning to thoughts, the need to contribute, the desire to tell stories. Work created by questioning and studying the mind and its thoughts, resulting in projects in which the viewer plays an intrinsic role. 

Concepts based on the necessity to stand still in order to transcend the delusion of everyday life, to inquire without feeling the need to know.

The integral work challenges the viewers to ask questions without being pulled towards the inherent urge to have those questions answered. It is striving for an experience where each individual viewer has their own interpretation and perspective of the pieces. The works are an invitation for the viewer to consider the significance of a thought triggered by an experience of color.

It all begins with connecting to and becoming one with color. The connection is made through a call to reflect on and become conscious of one’s own thoughts. It all comes down to the conscious awareness behind giving meaning to one's ideas or emotions. The essence lays in time to ponder and in self-reflection. 

All works originate from a personal investigation of feeling, thought and color. The interpretation of the works, however, is left to the beholder. The pieces are not intended to present a clear story or provide any answers, but rather serve as a stimulation to further inquiries.

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