Color plays an important in people's everyday lives. The perception of light in general, and of color in particular, are powerful phenomena, as they have a significant influence on our collective habits. The work challenges the complexity of thoughts and emotions through the use and perception of color nuances, bringing them as close as possible to a level of clarity and simplicity. 

Through collaborative thinking and questioning – taking the form of exercises with the research’s participants - the work aims at broadening our understanding of mental and cognitive processes. The works analyzed and interpreted in the project are based on soft, frail, and cloudy color nuances. The work searches to make individuals conscious of their own, subjective mental processes, with an aim to transgress the inherent desire to elicit a specific thought about a specific painting, but, rather, the search for meaning and essence behind a thought or emotion.

The work instigate the concept of the subjective mind through the use of different color nuances. Within the work, the causal relationship between emotions, thoughts, and feelings is explored. The goal is for people to be more aware of their own thoughts and feelings, as well as the influence of collective thinking.

The totality of the painted work serves as a metaphor for the (un)known world of our visual perception. It can be seen as a thinking exercise around the intimacy of the mind. The possibility for a constant flow of new interpretations of the works creates a long chain of various readings, which, together, form the meaning of each piece. Rather that being based on major movements or extravert expressions of personal emotional states, they are a metaphor for communication.

Main question:
Why does the experience of particular color nuances generate specific ways of thinking and particular emotions? Which essential thoughts make up the foundation of those experiences?