Tracing Emotions: Exploring the Essence of Energy and Motion

The studies trace their origins to the elusive force of energy and motion, constituting the essence of the work. They function as a connecting bridge between my inner experiential world and the external reality. The work embodies a wide spectrum of emotions, ranging from profound joy to intense fear and sorrow, devoid of the necessity for words or concrete imagination. Within the process, a continuous space arises in which ongoing change, attention, and the possibility of absence occur.

The studies come into being through a continuous process of addition and omission. The result is a transient outcome of reflection, wherein transient experiences and impressions take center stage. The studies serve as a guide for a provisional interpretation of this perpetual process. Meaning perpetually assumes new forms, and my (color) studies serve as a medium for expressing and exploring emotions.

The investigation into (my) experiences of emotion and meaning-making plays a pivotal role in this context. My work delves into the profound relationship between emotion and meaning-making. The studies eschew grandiose movements and extroverted expressions of my personal emotional state; instead, they subtly imply it.