A quest for meaning. A colloquium on the meaning of though by becoming one with color. An exploration on giving our thoughts significance and questioning whether we stand with or against them. 

What is the essence of a thought? Is it possible for thoughts to have a pure essence? Or does the notion itself become blurred and contaminated the instant one becomes conscious of the thought they are having? Are thoughts formed out of the knowledge they themselves contain? Knowledge which is largely based on subjective experiences, (learned) behaviors, and personal perspectives. Once a thought occurs, its context may already be defined. 

To what extent can a thought be accepted as truth? 

The monochrome works attempt to capture the essence of a thought, carefully built into nuances of color.

They originate from a feeling of need: the need to whisper over the need to scream. They provide an in-depth investigation of the ideas of emotion, feeling and the experiencing of our own thinking. 

It all begins with being one with color. A call to stay present in daily life. To take time to be silent and mindful. Time to reflect on and question our own thoughts: What do they mean to us? How believable are they? 

The works call for our ability to question the motives behind our own thoughts, and the meaning of those thoughts. They question our place within something greater, something more complex. They are a starting point for dialogue about our own thoughts and the beliefs we hold about them.

It is critical not to judge, or even condemn a piece but, rather, to stand open for discussion and doubt. Dare to question your own thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Pay attention, listen and take your time.

The works aim for an experience, for intimacy with our own bodies and minds: the intimate, inward experience of our own subjective spirit. Consider the color experience as a starting point for enquiries. It is not about dramatic movements or extravert emotional manifestation. It’s a quiet get-together with color, thought and feeling. 

Breath in deeply. Question. Dare to doubt.

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